Essential Festival is moving to Recreatiepark Oost-Maarland and returning on June 15 2019! Tip your toe in the water, enjoy the underground scene in the woods and listen to your pop, dance and urban headliners at the mainstage! An experience where spectacle, music, color and happiness become one; enjoy the surprise in each of our happy moments.

What once started as a party where eight hundred like-minded souls enjoyed in a state of happiness grew out to a yearly gathering of ten thousand people within the heart of an international region; Oost-Maarland (the Netherlands). International like-minded souls from within the nearby regions of Aachen, Mönchengladbach, Genk, Liège, Maastricht and Roermond enjoy the happiness of Essential Outdoor.

Dance, sing, scream, flirt, eat, take a bath in the sun and most of all: PARTY!

On many different podia Essential has a diverse line-up of national and international talent. Pop, dance and urban! DJ’s, live-acts, vloggers, rising and established stars. All is here to serve the primary function of entertainment and fun. Enjoy the surprise in each of our happy moments.

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